Bridging Loan Brokers

Four great reasons why you should choose Rapid Bridging as your bridging finance broker:


We are experts in arranging rapid bridging loans, especially for complex cases.

Whatever your situation, we know which lenders will execute your loan quickly, in under 48 hours if necessary.


Our brokers can often get borderline applications agreed where others can’t.

Bridging lenders know we work in close partnership with clients, providing a high standard of customer service, so it’s definitely worth talking to us even if you’ve been turned down before.


We don’t just set up the bridging loan and then abandon you.

Most importantly, we work with you to build a strong exit strategy.

With access to the whole of the UK residential and commercial mortgage marketplace you can be assured we will achieve the best deal to suit your circumstances


Our brokers will match you to a lender with a proven track record and experience on projects like yours.

For your reassurance, they will be authorised by the FCA or governed by professional bodies to ensure they adhere to high standards so your financial wellbeing is secured.


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