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"It looked impossible. We tried almost everything. Eventually, it was Andrew and Rapid Bridging that was able to help us solve the issue."

"I would not for one minute hesitate in recommending Andrew because he always has a solution for every situation"

"On my next project without a doubt, I would go back to Andrew. It is something as a developer I know I have not got to worry about. I know he will sort the money for me."

"Without Andrew, I would’ve lost the property. This would’ve caused no end of issues not just personally but for my business as well. Without Andrew and these services, I would’ve lost everything."

"Andrew is a very professional person. He explains things easily, shows you the exit strategy & the way that he works. He really does try to help in a genuine, caring way."

"Andrews nature and experience allowed for him to cut through some problems that we found with the other professionals. IE the solicitors and the banks."

"We were unable to get a loan anywhere. Nobody would fund building the house. We then approached Andrew who was unbelievably helpful. He was the only person who would even entertain the idea of trying to help."


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